We are pleased to announce that THE INSIDE PITCH has been nominated for an L.A. AREA EMMY AWARD.

THE INSIDE PITCH was originally televised on LA36 in the summer of 2004. The program was a spin-off of STORY CONFERENCE, a series of free screenwriting workshops created by Christopher Lockhart (ICM) and held throughout the Los Angeles area. STORY CONFERENCE allowed writers to deconstruct new scripts and pitch ideas for feedback. Jacinthe Dessureault and her new website TWOADVERBS joined forces with Chris and STORY CONFERENCE in the beginning, bringing an online presence to Chris’ vision and allowing writers worldwide to interact in a creative and constructive forum.

The “pitching” really caught on, and Chris, joined by former co-worker Jack d’Annibale (currently of Jerry Bruckheimer Films), held various “PITCH IN” events at a Santa Monica bookstore - the creative executives and writers gathered for informal sessions of exchanging criticism and ideas in a no holds barred environment.

Producer Stanley Kallis, who won an Emmy Award for POLICE STORY (and produced TV classics like HAWAII FIVE-O, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, COLUMBO and the mini series BACKSTAIRS AT THE WHITE HOUSE) attended a “PITCH IN” after reading an L.A. Times "Calendar" section article about the effort. Struck by the feeling of good-natured camaraderie and the spirit of community, Stanley suggested producing a program for cable channel LA36 that would bring the workshop's spirit of public education to Los Angeles area television audiences. Almost a year later, the production was born – led by producer Matthew D. Kallis and director Tom Mitchell. It was produced in association with The Albert and Trudy Kallis Foundation and LA36.

THE INSIDE PITCH was held at the CALIFORNIA CITY STUDIOS on December 6, 2003 and aired the following summer. It has subsequently been released on DVD.

Chris Lockhart had this to say about the Emmy nom, “I was very surprised by the nomination and, against character, humbled by it. My little vision of free workshops at the Beverly Hills Library has come a long way thanks to the vision of many people. TWOADVERBS made all this possible because it gave me a voice, a way to reach out to writers. Of course, THE INSIDE PITCH would not exist if it weren’t for all the writers who put their hearts and souls on the line in front of an audience of 200+ and seven cameras. Win or lose, it’s a nomination we all share together.”

Visit the EMMY website for the list of nominations and information regarding the August 27th ceremony and LIVE webcast.