My username/password doesn't work

Is it the main login that doesn’t work or the forum's? If the latter, you have to register an account on the forum as well.

To quote from the original sign-up message:

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to participate in the forum, you will need to create an account on the forum as well, since it uses a separate login system.

To register an account on the forum, go to the main page and click "Register".

It could also be that either your username or password has lowercases/uppercases that were mistyped. The system is case sensitive. Make sure you enter the account info as it was registered - you can refer to the confirmation e-mail the system sent you.

If these solutions failed, please contact the webmaster.

I have lost my password

To get a new password for the main login, click here.

To get a new password for the forum, go to the forum's main page, click "Profile", then "I have lost my password".

How do I update my e-mail address?

To update your main login account, click here.

To update your forum account, click "Profile" on the forum's main page.

I can't access the chat room

Do you have Java installed on your computer?

If you get a "J" icon in the middle of the page and not the blue login square, you need to download Java: (click the yellow "get it now" rectangle).


For any other trouble, please visit the "About this site & forum" section here:

If your question remains unanswered, please drop the webmaster a line.